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AR-15 Wall Mount, Gun Safe Wall Mount Storage and Rifle Display, Gun Room Mounting

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HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: Sleek, minimalist design for your AR mount display. Made of high-quality ABS plastic, and is strong enough to hold your AR-15 steadily. 

SECURE HOLD: High-quality AR wall mount designed specifically for the AR-15 to provide a secure hold and snug to fit the gun. Locks directly into mag release for safe and secure mounting. 

SLEEK DESIGN: The minimalist, robust design allows for an eye-catching AR display that showcases your gun collection. Display your AR-15 on walls, UTVs, gun safes, or your safe room with the Ghost Concealment AR Wall Mount.

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1x AR-15 Wall Mount, 2x Screws, 2x Wall Anchors

EASY INSTALL: Simply screw in the mount on the desired place on the wall. Long flatbase screws ensure strong attachment to wall stud. 

SAFETY/SECURITY: This gun mount was designed with optimal gun safety in mind. The unique mount design safe-locks the gun through both the bolt and magazine chamber. Lock is not included with mount, however, it is strongly recommended to purchase your own lock when displaying your AR-15. 


Product Detail


This works with all standard mil spec lowers that use AR-15 magazines. Can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. 

Lock System: 

This is one of the only wall mounts that gives you the option to thread your gun lock through both the bolt and magazine chamber. Giving you a little bit more confidence to have this displayed. Please always be aware that this needs to be placed in a safe and secure area. 


This is a low profile top of the line AR wall mount. This has only 2 screw holes. We recommend that these are placed directly on a stud to give it the best support for your gun. The screws have a flatbase making it so your mount will not crack like others on the market as you attach it to the wall. 2 anchors are also included with every mount to be used as needed. 

Product Dimensions: 

This product is low profile 2.4 x 2.4 x 4.3 inches. Build not to distract from the firearm on display. 

Peace of Mind: 

Engineered and tested by some of the top notch enthusiasts in the industry. Works with many different size AR’s giving you the confidence that this will be a trusted long lasting product. 

Long Trusted Brand: 

We have been in the industry since 2017. At Ghost Concealment Company we stand behind all our products and want to do whatever we can to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your experience. See our many other products and see what others have said about us.

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